Aja and Toni Eberle

Toni plays a custom model F15. Aja and Toni Eberle are the winners of the international award "Voice & Guitar" 2008
Anne Wylie Band

Irish folk group in which Uwe Metzler plays a Dreizehnter bouzouki Model S.
An Tor

Marcus Metz plays a Dreizehnter Model SJ14.
Artes Tonstudio

Jürgen Treyz plays three Dreizehnter guitars.

Irish-Folk-Band from Bavaria. Rudi Koller plays a Dreizehnter-bouzouki.
Barwinek, Sebastian

Singer-Songwriter and Folk-Musician
Bloch, Tom

Tom plays a Dreizehnter 10-string Bouzouki.
Blodig, Kerstin

Singer with different bands, who plays a Dreizehnter short-neck bouzouki
Bohlmann, Liz

Singer Songwriterin from Montevideo. Elisabeth Desirée Bohlmann plays a Custom-F-Steelstring guitar.

Irish-folk and more from Osnabrück. Claas Bußmann is playing a Dreizehnter-L-Bouzouki.
Browne, Tim

Bouzouki player and singer from Kanturk/Ireland. Tim plays two Dreizehnter bouzoukis model L and a Dreizehnter guitar bouzouki.
Byrne, Steve

Folksinger and musician Steve Byrne plays a custom made Dreizehnter 10-String Bouzouki. Steve is also a member of Scotland´s finest folksong quintet Malinky.
Campbell, Alan

Alan is a guitarplayer from Luxembourg, playing a Model A and a Mandolin, made of Tasmanian Blackwood throughout.

Exciting folk band, who play Dreizehnter guitars.

Danceband from England. Bob Thomas, foundation-member of the famous "Silly Wizzard", plays a Dreizehnter bouzouki model S.
Celtic Chakra

Celtic music from the region around Frankfurt. Manfred Noll plays a Dreizehnter-bouzouki.

Folk-duo, Jürgen Treyz is playing together with Gudrun Walther german folk music on several Dreizehnter-guitars

Irish folk group with a Dreizehnter bouzouki.
Dessi, Gianluca

Folk and fingerstyle Guitar- and Bouzouki player from Sardinia. Gianluca is playing a Dreizehnter-steelstring and a -bouzouki model S solo and as a duo at Band-Re.
Eckhardt, Klaus

German Folk - Klaus Eckhardt plays a short-neck Dreizehnter bouzouki.
Farrell, Richard Ray

Acoustic Blues Guitarplayer from USA, playing a Dreizehnter Custom F-Model.

Music of the middleages - Oliver Pade plays an Irish-bouzouki custom-model S and a double-cut-custom-F.

Wellknown Irish-folk band from Holland. Meanwhile they are playing with three Dreizehnter-bouzoukis and a new Dreizehnter-J 15 on stage.
Foreign Feathers

Traditional irish and scottish music with 5-voice singing. Till Moysies plays a Dreizehnter-Bouzouki. Wolfgang Paßmann plays a Dreizehnter acoustic guitar.
Fricklesome Amsel

Finest Handmade Scottish & Irish Folk - Peter Klaus plays a Dreizehnter Gizouki.
Gambetta, Beppe

The world-class flat-picker plays a Dreizehnter guitar-shaped bouzouki and a Dreizehnter steelstring guitar.

Folk-Rock band playing music from the Middleages and the Renaissance. Georg Hesse is playing a Dreizehnter-custom guitar, shaped like a bouzouki.
Graefe, Michael

The CD Label of guitarist Michael Graefe; now with a Dreizehnter Bouzouki.
Häussel, Harry

Fingerpicker and duo with female singer; Harry plays three different Dreizehnter-steelstrings.

Herbert plays a Bouzouki L.
Itchy Fingers

Irish folk trio from the Saarland. Torsten plays a jumbo steelstring guitar.

Robby Ballhause plays a Dreizehnter Jumbo-steelstring guitar.
Leprich, Ralf

Solo-Fingerpicker from Munich. Ralf plays a Dreizehnter-Guitar Modell VS.

Aaron Jones plays a Dreizehnter 10-string-Guitar-Bouzouki. Jürgen Treyz plays Dreizehnter-Guitars.

Scotland´s finest folksong quintet. Steve Byrne plays a custom made Dreizehnter 10-String Bouzouki. See also Steve´s solo website
McKee, Gerry

Foundation member of the wellknown folkband Nomos and author of the Irish-Bouzouki CD-ROM at Mad-For-Trad. Gerry McKee is playing a Dreizehnter-L-Bouzouki.
Midnight Court

Bernd Luedtke plays a Dreizehnter bouzouki - model S.
More Maids

Female Irish folk trio with a Dreizehnter Bouzouki.
Moritz Hempel

DRONE's Frontmann Mutz plays a Dreizehnter SJ15.

Celtic Folkband from Germany’s north. Peter Supplieth is playing a Dreizehnter-L-Bouzouki.
Ní Mhaoileoin, Brid

Irish singer from Donegal, living in Austria, singing Sean-Nós and Traditional and she's playing a Dreizehnter-Bouzouki model S.

Folkrock from the middleages. Steve is playing a custom Dreizehnter-bouzouki model S.
Opera Nova

Rock-formation, playing acoustic instruments. Werner Dannemann plays a Dreizehnter-Jumbo guitar.

Singer-Songwriter from Bisingen. Ernst Buntz is playing a Dreizehnter-Steelstring guitar.
Pradella, Marco

Guitarist, guitar teacher and singer. Marco plays a Dreizehnter-Jumboguitar.
Red Shamrock

Irish folk group from Switzerland with a Dreizehnter bouzouki and a Dreizehnter guitar.
Rosewood Delight

Irish und Bluegrassmusic.
Saltatio Mortis

Michael Kaufmann plays a special stringed bass bouzouki model L.

Irish Folk, Cajun and Bluegrass.
Schüssler, Werner

Folkband Stone Circle, Trio Mawesa. Werner plays plays three Dreizehnter Guitars and a Dreizehnter 8-string Bouzouki.
Sickmann, Olaf

Composer and guitarplayer in the “New Celtic Guitar” style. Olaf Sickmann is playing a Dreizehnter-Classic and a –Steelstring guitar.
Stehr, Klaus

Klaus plays a Dreizehnter 10-String Bouzouki.

Christian Wirth plays a Bouzouki L.
The Islanders

Jens Kempgens plays a longneck Dreizehnter Bouzouki.
The Raggle Taggle Gypsies

Rolf Nauenburg plays a Dreizehnter Bouzouki - Model L.

Traditional melodies, impressive songs and original compositions.
Tom Bombadil Band

Folkband from Oppenheim - Fritz Vollrath plays a 10-string Dreizehnter Bouzouki Model L.
Tommy Roberts Jr.

Country- pop-rock - Mario plays a custom model A longneck.

Dieter Skambraks plays a Dreizehnter Gizouki.